Month: November 2020

Designing a Sales Process in Salesforce

Do you know the meaning of a sales process? A sales process is a series of repeatable steps that the sales team uses to create the potential of selling a product. The term sales funnel is often used as an alternative term for the sales process. However, as the sales funnel depends on the activity rates, it is different than that of the sales process. While you can build an effective document generation on salesforce, it takes a lot of time and time and effort.

document generation on salesforce

Why Defining a Sales Process is Important?

Defining a sales process is important as it helps the management of the businesses to create realistic forecasts and build realistic methods. A proper realistic process can help the companies to reduce waste and enable them to scale. Previously, the companies used to pay high commissions to the sales staff and let them figure out how they should make the sales process that works. This method makes an accurate prediction about the revenues incredibly difficult.

The document generation on salesforce comes with a lot of necessary tools for implementing a successful sales process. Here are some of the standard sales stage objects of the sales force.


Leads are people with contact information. In this case, you can use the contact information of the person to reach him or her for selling your product. In salesforce, leads have three main sets of standard fields. Contact info, business info and address info. Leads is the section that reflects the success or failures of the marketing efforts of your company. It is one of the major fields that helps in future data analysis.


Accounts are the companies that have some sort of relationship with you. You can set different record types inside the document generation on salesforce depending on the type field. The record types help you to try out different page layouts and allows you to create different processes.


Contacts are the people whom you need to be in touch with. More often than not, the contacts are the people with whom the sales and support team needs to get in touch all the while.

document generation on salesforce


The opportunities section depicts the deal in progress. You should not confuse the opportunities with the leads. The opportunities come with different standard fields that are used in the sales process.

Changing The Sales Stage

Make sure to talk to the sales team before changing the sales stage in your salesforce. The reason is, if you set the wrong stages there will be an astronomical disaster. Here are some of the commonly used sales stages that you can use.

  • Awareness: This is the stage where the prospect becomes aware of the solution you are providing.
  • Interest: In this stage, the sales representative tries to drum up the interest of the customer.
  • Evaluation: In this stage, the customers compare your company to your competitors.
  • Decision: In this stage, customer testimonials and proofs help the potential customer to make up their minds.
  • Negotiation: This is the stage where the sales rep sends a customized quote.
  • Closed: This is the final stage of the process. Here the customer takes action.

All in all, if you are a developer and working for a company that uses document generation on salesforce, you should probably go through the above stages another time. If you know the stages by heart, you will be able to offer proper advice to the sales team as well as admins of your company.