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AC Dual Voltage Monitor

Reports AC Voltage and Frequency to the ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Monitors two AC inlets between 50 ~250 V AC and 47 ~63 Hz.
  • Reports AC Voltage and Frequency.
    • Monitors AC voltage and frequency on two AC inlets between 50~250VAC and 47~63Hz.
    • Monitors the number of swells, sags, and spikes.
  • Voltage accuracy: ± 1%
  • Frequency accuracy: ± 1%
  • User defined minimum and maximum voltage thresholds.
  • Capable of detecting user selected spike events with a peak greater than 50V, 250V, 500V, or 1KV.
  • Current consumption: 70mA @ 12VDC.
  • Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D.
  • Supports CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 1,000 ft. (305 m).
  • Regulatory approvals: CE, RoHS